Genes behind uncle Lara's reflection in Darren Bravo

03 July 2009

Kingsotn: Legendary West Indies batsman Brian Lara's reflection in compatriot Darren Bravo is not a coincidence or a conscious effort on the youngster's part to copy the former captain but it's all in their genes.

The 20-year-old Bravo, who made his international debut against India in the on-going four-match one-day series, is actually Lara's nephew, revealed his mother Earlene Bravo.

"Brian's (Lara) mother is my father's sister. So we are first cousins," Earlene was quoted as saying in the media.

"From the time he was young, he had those antics just like Brian, it's in his genes.

"I was on a taxi in Jamaica on the way to cricket and the guy didn't know who I was. Darren (Bravo) was just going out to bat and the guy kept saying 'Why this guy trying to be like Lara?' and I was so annoyed," she added.

Earlene said Darren, who is the step-brother of Dwayne Bravo, was passionate about the game from his childhood.

"From very young this boy just love cricket. He would be batting in his sleep. On mornings he pretends he is playing a match with himself. At Fatima School he would carry the ball, the stumps and bat and play all day. He did well in school, but it is cricket that my son has always been keen about.

"Everyday these boys used to talk about and play cricket. Dwayne just use to play cricket by himself. He even uses to score in a book. And I would say to Dwayne, 'boy, who you scoring for?' and he would say 'mommy, I'm playing a game'," she said.